Sacramento from Above (Aug 01)
Taking off over Sacramento on a hazy morning in August.

Aerial view of downtown Sacramento.

San Francisco from Above (Jun 01)
Taking-off over San Francisco on a crystal-clear morning in June.

San Francisco's Richmond district, the Golden Gate Bridge, and other areas as seen from the air.

Sacramento International Airport (SMF)
Taking off for my trip to Canada, I got this best shot to date of the Airport – taken from the south side looking to the north.

Sacramento Airport as seen at take-off.

Marina at Verona (Jul 98)
Downstream from the confluence of the Sacramento and Feather Rivers. We were circling for a landing at Sacramento International (SMF).

The marina at Verona at the confluence of the Sacramento and Feather Rivers. The San Andreas Fault from above with views of Bouquet Reservoir, Leona Valley, and Rosamond Dry Lake.

San Andreas Fault (Jul 98)
The Fault from 25,000’ over Angeles National Forest. Looking to the northeast, Bouquet Reservoir, Leona Valley, and Rosamond Dry Lake are visible.

Yosemite Valley (Feb 95)
Snow-capped Yosemite Valley from the window of a Southwest 737 jet at 25,000’. Very similar to the picture above, taken 2 years earlier.

A winter view of Yosemite from a Southwest 737.

Aerial of Sutter Buttes (May 95)
On a rare crystal clear day in the valley with 100-mile visibility.

Sutter Buttes on a clear day in the Sacramento Valley.

Aerial of Sutter Buttes (Feb 95)
Floating like a ghostly ship in a sea of valley fog.

Sutter Buttes peeking out of the valley fog.

Union Valley Reservoir (Feb 94)
A beautiful aerial of Union Valley reservoir from 25,000' taken on a flight coming back from Arizona.

Union Valley Reservoir from above. Aerial view of La Jolla.

La Jolla (Feb 93)
Flying northward at 15,000’ over the familiar coastal peninsula of La Jolla.

Mission Bay (Feb 93)
Over SeaWorld, the primary recreation site at Mission Bay. It is also a major tourist attraction in San Diego.

Mission Bay and SeaWorld from above.

Mission Bay (Feb 93)
Climbing for altitude after takeoff from Lindbergh Field. Below lies Vacation Island in the middle of Mission Bay.

Mission Bay from above.

San Jacinto Valley (Feb 93)
Over the quilt-like sprawl of Riverside County. The large manmade lake in the background is Lake Perris.

San Jacinto Valley and the large manmade Lake Peris.

Yosemite Valley (Feb 93)
From 30,000' over the snow capped Sierras, their most famous glacial valley is a distinctive feature below.

Yosemite Valley from the air in the winter.

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Aerial Photos of California

Aerial view of the Rancho Seco nuclear power plant in California. Taken in 1974 before it was decommissioned.

Rancho Seco Nuclear Powerplant (Nov 74)
Located 30 miles southeast of Sacramento, it is one of only 2 nuclear plants located in California (as of 1974). It was decomissioned in 1989.

Aerial view of typical channels in and around the Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta.

Typical delta channel within the Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta (Nov 74)
With levees, cultivated shorelines, and in-channel islands. The islands are excellent sites for boating recereation and wildlife habitats.

Aerial view of the site of the proposed peripheral canal near the Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta (as proposed in 1974).

Alignment of future peripheral canal in Northern California (as of Nov 74)
Borrow ponds 7 and 8 have been excavated in the background. Central trench for initial draw-down of ground water for ponds is shown in the foreground (looking south).

Robert H. Morris never missed an opportunity to take an aerial photo. If he was flying somewhere, it was a major snafu when he did not have a window seat. Below are some of his aerial photos of California.

Aerial view of a subdivision on a channel in the Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta.

Channel-side delta subdivision south of Stockton
Boating oriented living has become very popular.

Aerial view of a channel and in-channel islands in the Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta.

In prehistoric times, the Delta was a vast inland marsh
It was teeming with wildlife, including the Tule Elk and the California Grizzly. Today, the original vegitation only survives on the in-channel "waste" islands.


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