Another view of the cliff over Pebble Beach in Crescent City.

The cliffs above Pebble Beach in Crescent City.

Views of the cliff above the northern part of Pebble Beach in Crescent City
The Agate used to be up in the cliff until it fell onto the beach below. Once there, waves polish the agate over time to create the semi-translucent ones we find on the beach.

The cliff above a beach in Crescent City that is good for Agate hunting.

The same rock wall shown in the photo above, but looking south rather than to the north
It was the high-high tide in December and the small rock beach was not even visible.

Pebble Beach in Crescent City at high tide.

This was a perfect strip of exposed beach for Agate hunting
This was Christmas 2011 and the clouds were just starting to break after a day of rain (the tide was on its way out). Note the staircase at the top-center of the photo used to access the beach. There is also another stairway at the southern end of the beach.

Pebble Beach in Crescent City, California. agatebanner

Agate Hunting in Crescent City

Pebble Beach in Crescent City is one of the best places along the California coast for hunting round, highly polished Agate. The beach sits at the base of a large cliff and cement stairways lead from the road and parking pull-outs to the beach below. During high-tide, very little of the beach is accessible, but you can still find Agates up near the base of the cliff. At low-tide, there are many patches of pea-sized rocks and most of the Agate is mixed in with these little rocks.

I have also found Agate at Point St. George and the beach between Point St. George and Pebble Beach, but they are very rare at these sites.

A collection of Agate and polished rocks found along Pebble Beach in Crescent City, CA.

A collection of some of the Agate, sea glass, and rocks found at the beaches around Crescent City
These were collected in approximately 15 different trips to Pebble Beach.

A close-up view of the small rocks along Pebble Beach where Agate is frequently found.

Small rocks at Pebble Beach in Crescent City
This was a rainy day at low-tide and I only saw a few other people at the beach that day.


Crabbing in Crescent City


Exploring Point St. George

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Intertidal invertebrates found along the California coast.

Hundreds of Agates from Crescent City lit from below, exposing the intricate details and colors in each.

Agate from Crescent City close up and lit from below
Each one has a slightly different color.

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